Give me your words. Trust me, I'm a writer.


I desire more creativity in the world. I want to be surrounded by it and I want to help people make the most of it. There's no room for lazy writing or shoddy editing; everyone should have top-notch expressions of creativity! Let's tell your story, best foot forward. 

My Services

Websites, books, articles, posts, or even that carefully-worded message you've been sitting on, worried about sending it to that special someone and seeing how they feel. 

Give me your raw jumble of words (or even just the idea you're trying to convey) and I will give you back what you want to say.

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Why You need me

No writing is ever perfect and anything you write or create is going to need another pair of eyes to look at and make sure it's actually saying what you're trying to say. 

I know how to spot everything that's there but shouldn't, and more importantly, what isn't there but should.

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My Portfolio

Editing is a tough thing to showcase. You only notice it when it's done badly; when it's good, it's invisible. 

That said, here you'll find some highlights of my writing and editing works that have been published online or in print. 

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