Services for Businesses

Every document that leaves your office is an advertisement for your business.

What's taking up space in your to-do list: memos, reports or brochures? Websites, letters or annual reviews? I've got you covered with all of them.



Whether you need a quick once-over to edit your text for basic spelling and sense, or a more in-depth

This service comes in two levels: surface proofreading and in-depth copyediting.



Choose this if you need a second pair of eyes to do a final check on spelling, punctuation, grammar and see that the overall content makes sense.



This is useful when you need a deeper look at your text. I will study the style and flow of the document as well as check on clarity of message, making sure it matches your target audience. I will make suggestions for text changes, additions and deletions.



If you are not satisfied with the content you currently have, I am happy to rewrite it and reform it into whatever you were originally intending.

Or, if you wish to start from scratch, I can take the raw information and messaging and write the text for you.